Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bird Freebie

My very favorite bird
He is so handsome. She is elegant.
I love to watch them fly along the water at the beach
These little ones are so darling.
These birds look like they would be so awkward, but are instead full of grace.
I love to watch them. Quite impressive skills. I would have a major headache if I pounded on a tree the way they do.

This week I thought I would share some bird freebies with you. I love birds. I also collect bird prints. They make me happy. I wake up every morning to the sound of the birds. I have had several flocks of Robins visit the past couple of weeks. Spring is definitely on its way. Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather.


Ann said...

these are beautiful Elizabeth!
thanks so much for sharing them!
all your "remodeling" and you take the time to share!!..you are so sweet!

Shopgirl said...

These are lovely and I know you are one busy lady...thank you, Mary

Melodie said...

thanks so much for sharing...I just love the old prints....