Monday, March 5, 2012

Whew... it has been a long week

Here is the tile all grouted and sealed. They have not finished the moldings and trim in this picture.  That big blue blob is my washer and dryer. It has been nine days without them. Ugh.

Here is another shot of the tile. It is going to look so nice when everything is finished. Saturday they came and put down the moldings and trim. They moved my washer and dryer. Hooked them up. I am still missing doors and thresholds. I am told Tuesday or Wednesday.

Another view from the kitchen. If you turn left the dining room. Straight is a small appliance pantry.  That blank wall will hold my beautiful oak cupboard full of Ironstone. I am still dreaming of when it is all finished.
Last week started off very busy and ended very busy. It looks like this week is going to be the same. I spent a lot of time last week at Lowe's Home Improvement store. I am starting to know each and everyone of the associates. It is truly scary. However, they have some very cool products to decorate your home with.

This week I am trying to get my ceilings painted in a couple of rooms, the doors on, thresholds finished, a couple of light fixtures hung, my chalkboard door painted, and the steps refinished. Ahhhh
keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and did I mention the counter tops and sink replaced and the new cook top installed. It is a list.

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indybev said...

My goodness, you are rebuilding from the inside out! I hope you saved before photos for comparison. It all looks as if it will be a beautiful home!