Monday, March 5, 2012

A Digital Photograph...Daffodill

My First Daffodill

This is my first Daffodill at my new house. Isn't she a beauty? I have no idea what kind of flowers I will have here. I am going to wait till everything comes up before I decide to do any major yard work. I figure by fall I will be ready.


Ann said...

Daffodil's are the ONLY flower that I am not allergic to!! i think they are the prettiest flower!
got caught up with all your the photos of your "renovation"!! the tile is fabulous! the end seems closer now!!! Great idea to put the selves in the small closet! i do envy the beautiful scenery around your home!!!
still sick with the cold i came down with on friday!.. otherwise i would have been here sooner!

peggy gatto said...