Monday, March 5, 2012

Painting...ceilings and such

Primer and first coat are put on in the dining room.

We used a grey primer. Apparently if you are going to use a dark color on a wall or ceiling you should prime with a grey primer. It will keep your color true and will take less coats of paint.

I decided to paint my dining room ceiling a deep eggplant purple. I have this lovely rug with purple accents that are barely noticeable. With the deep rich cherry of my furniture and the lovely walls I needed something that would give the room an intimate feeling. I want it to be all sparkly, shiny with mirrors, silver and glass, elegant. I would like a romantic dinner with someone special, and a special dinner with friends and family in there. I am hoping we only need two good coats to get the effect I am looking for. 
While the guys are painting the dining room ceiling I am having them sand, Spackle and repaint the family room ceiling off the kitchen.  The original track lights were on this ceiling. We/my light guy took them down and put something a little more contemporary up. The lines from the old track lights were there. It looked very sad. That small closet you see in the photo - the narrow one - was once a broom closet. I had them put shelves in it, paint it, paint the door in chalk board paint, and I am using it to store those appliances you have to have but do not use every day. I also have things like my punch bowl and egg plates, etc. in there. This has been a real mission.


elle said...

Elizabeth, I followed you up and down and all over. I'm delighted you have such a place and are sharing the wonder of making your nest. I luv that corner fireplace for eating by. Then the dining room- Eggplant? Why not? It makes me smile thinking of shiny, glitter, elegant. Bless you for sharing!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

What a project!!! What an looks like it is coming along though....I enjoy seeing the changes that are taking place.
Good luck with all of it.

Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

How exciting this process must be for you, and how fun for me to be able to share in the joy via the wonderful photos you're allowing us to see.. I'm thrilled for you Elizabeth..

Carlene Taylor Simmons said...

Love reading your blog and today I am especially loving the eggplant ceiling. Making a nest is such a big project and so exciting too.

Anonymous said...

What color is this purple called and what brand??