Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Old Grey Barn

The Old Grey Barn

I have been in love with this barn for years. I first spotted this barn on a
trip with my boys in the mountains when
they were still playing Cowboy and Indians
or soldiers battling aliens. Through the years I have watched it grow older
and grey. Always holding on to its charm.
One day soon I will drive by and it
will be gone.

The state of North Carolina has now
bought it and plans to tear it down and
build some important building in its
place. Another thing from the past about
to become a memory. Holding on to
memories is important I have found the
older I get. The secret is holding on
to the good ones and being able to
make new ones.

I took a few minutes the last time
I was in town to stop and take
a few pictures. I figured it was time
to get up close and personal. I wish
I could salvalge a part of it. The
stories it could tell...



elle said...

Too bad. That roof line is straight and the sides aren't splayed. Remember it in this lovely photo!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Elle.
I will remember that!!

Ann said...

this is one of my fav's of your barn photos. ..i love this one,and can see why it's one you love. how sad that it will be gone..yet you will keep it forever in this photo.