Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poster For Folkheart

Poster from Ohio

Yesterday Folkheart left me a
comment on my Suffragette photographs
that her grandmother was a
Sufferagette from Ohio. I
remembered I had this poster and
thought I should share in
honor of Folkheart's grandmother.
We often take for granted the
little things we have that
others fought so hard for. I do
hope you enjoy this poster.
Also, check out Folkheart's blog by
clicking on Folkheart. Another
girl enchanted by the Blue Ridge


Janet Ghio said...

what a great poster!

Folk Heart said...

Oh, I am just THRILLED! What a wonderfully special thing for you to have done, Elizabeth. This poster is incredible, and I feel honored to have inspired you to share it with us. Thank you also for the sweet shout out. My cup runneth over!

Ann said...

you are a darling Elizabeth!
your kindness and thoughts for others are just so special!!
i'm sure Folkheart was so touched by it!
i shall go visit!!!!