Sunday, November 11, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Tracks

The Tracks

Hope everyone is having a great
weekend. I am traveling this weekend,
taking pictures and visiting those I love.
It is gorgeous here in the Mountains.
I have been awed. The colors of the trees.
The colors of the mountains. The sun
streaming through the trees. It is
as if I am caught inside a jewel. I am
not sure I can catch all this beauty
with my camera. Enjoy the day!


Mandel said...

Gorgeous picture. I love the autumn-like colours. Makes me wonder where this way is leading the train?

Ann said...

i can hear the whistle of the train..the sound of the engine as it makes it's way along the tracks...........

Elizabeth Golden said...

I often wonder what lies down those tracks that we can not see. All sorts of stories begin in my mind.