Monday, November 26, 2012

Tin Type Ancestors - Freebies

Sisters. They are sitting so still and straight. I love the younger one's plaid dress and necklace. They seem wise beyond their years in this photograph.
I love Mom's gloves and the little girls doll. Notice that the little girl is wearing gloves also. They must have been pretty well off.
These look like happy kids. Beautiful clothes. I wonder what they are reading?
The little girl looks just like her mother. Hopefully she will stay sweet. Mom looks a little stern or maybe she just bit into something rather bitter.
I wonder what Mom had to say to keep everyone so still for this picture.

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend here in the states? I did. Lots of food and good company. I did not get to see all of my boys, but those I did share the holiday with we had lots of fun. My sister drove over from the Nashville area and spent a few nights. It was really nice.

It got me thinking about family an ancestors. This week I am sharing some tin types. These photographs are literally developed onto metal - tin. They were quite popular and most important affordable. I hope you enjoy them.


Janet Ghio said...

I love these old photos.

Belladonna said...

Wonderful photos, thank you!

bockel24 said...

these photos are all wonderful, thank you!

Patti said...

You are such a love to share these wonderful pics - they are awesome. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Folk Heart said...

I always enjoy and relish your take on these old "photos". It speaks volumes about your loving and caring heart. My sister's birthday falls around Thanksgiving each year, and she will be seeing these tintypes very soon. Thank you, Elizabeth! As always, your generosity moves me.

Shell said...

Totally off topic my friend, but just wanted to share my Fave Salmon Dish...Living here in the PNW we eat a lot of Salmon and Shrimp. Simple and fast and my go to:

Bake your salmon appx 20 minutes (per inch thick) in a 325 oven in greased pan.

When done, simply top with healthy dollop of:
A mixture of Buitoni Pesto (Found in the Refrig case at the Grocery Store Blended with equal parts Butter)

Serve with Pasta or Rice and put a bit of the mixture either in or on top of the Carb or your choice! And sprinkle liberally w/ fresh ground Parmeasan Cheese

Hug! Hope you try it, it truly is my fave! (You can substitute Margarine, but not quite the same!)


Ann said...

these are marvelous photos..thanks sooooooooooo much for sharing.
fixed a wonderful turkey..sick with a cold so i didn't eat much!! just my husband and the daughter showed up as the turkey was ready to be carved! my son was with his fiancee and her family...
so glad you got to spend time with your family Elizabeth!