Thursday, June 27, 2013

Digital Photograph - Going Home

Going Home
Going Home no matter how much you have enjoyed your trip 
is always comforting. When I see the mountains I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach, in my core. It is sort 
of like butterflies, without the anxiety. My whole body breathes a deep relaxing sigh. I am here. All is well.


Janet Ghio said...

Lovely photo and feeling.

Trece said...

I so completely know what you mean. When I see the mountains, and cross over into West Virginia, a weight drops off my back, and my body relaxes; home, again, no matter what.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Trece welcome to my blog!
So glad you get the coming home thing!

Folk Heart said...

So glad you are there and all is well, being surrounded by the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mts.

The seed graphics are just fabulous and so inspiring. You are the best!

Robin said...

I know the feeling you are talking about, there is something magical about those mountains. Have a wonderful 4th.


Lille-bee said...

What a wonderful photo and what a wonderful nature. Though I love my home and house, I feel the other way round. When I come to a special place at the North Sea, 1000 kilometers away from here, I feel a sort of homecoming. Think I live in awrong place of this world. Greetings from Germany