Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hydrangea's are Back!

Stunning isn't it?

Just one bush of many

Love this color

After almost two weeks of rain, every day, morning and night, yesterday we saw sunshine. I decided to get out early and take some pictures. 

At my new house I do not have much landscaping. My house sits right up into some woods. It sits in a neighborhood of mid-century ranches. All of them are 50 plus years old. Many have the original owners, or the kids bought out the parents, two or three generations of the same family occupying the house at some time. Each leaving their own mark.

My house was owned by two families, each growing old here. When I moved in the old tired bushes someone had pulled out. The masses of ivy someone had tried to tame. Most of the flowers had seen better days. However, along my driveway there was a bunch of Hydrangeas and several rose bushes. 

This year after much feeding and lots of rain the Hydrangeas have come into their own. They look beautiful! I am still planting, moving plants, and trying to tame the ivy. But, as I come and go, the Hydrangeas cheer me on.


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Janet Ghio said...

I love hydrangeas. If you treat the soil with different things, you can get different colors. (the more alkaline or acidic). I love to dry them.