Monday, July 1, 2013

Botanical & Butterfly Freebie

This week with all the flowers abloom every where I go, I thought flowers and butterflies would be appropriate. These flowers serve as food for the insects in the respective prints. The butterflies serve as pollinators for the flowers or plants. I nice little arrangement for them both. Two of my favorite things. Sounds like a win win for everyone! Enjoy your week!
p.s. for the anonymous poster who was so upset about the butterfly prints I posted a way back, I own the book that these came from too, it is not copyrighted as it is over 200 years old. I found the book in the 1980's in a boot sale in London for a few pounds. 


Ann said...

marvelous prints!!!
thanks for sharing them!

Beverley Baird said...

These are beautiful! Thanks once again for sharing them.
Hope you have been keeping well - (have not dropped by in a while.)

Leslie said...

Wonderful prints - thanks! The colors are still so vibrant for being so old.

Funny how the complainers and finger pointers are always anonymous.