Friday, July 5, 2013

Some Yard Sale Finds...

A small inlaid box with a tray inside. I am thinking that one of my boys would really like this.

A very large matted print of an Eagle Owl found at a sale where a woman was cleaning out all of her Mother's things after putting her in an assisted living facility. I always find these sales to be the hardest emotionally. Yet, they often have some of the best stuff for the best prices. My print was a mere $2.00. I am thankful that MB who was with me did not claim it first. That was so nice of her.

A lovely platter, hob nail glass piece and some Singer pinking shears. The glass and shears I bought at the same place as the Owl print. They were just .50 a piece. The shears are wonderful. I almost fell over when she quoted me the price. The platter is hanging up in my bathroom with all the other red and white and flowery stuff.

A beautiful pair of brass candlesticks. These I found on the way home from visiting my Mother and Brother. I had gotten off the main road and was taking pictures. I came across a little store that sold gas, food, and was a thrift store to boot. I stopped for a drink and to stretch a bit. I love these country stores. You never know what you might find.I found a very nice man who sold the candlesticks to me for $5.00 and threw in an orange drink for free. Thank you mister! 

A lovely large wicker basket with a small silk rug underneath.I bought both of these at yard sales near my Mother's. The rug I got for a dollar the basket was three dollars. 

Thought I would share some of my yard sale finds from the last two weeks. It is amazing what you can find out there if you really look. The box I bought at goodwill last Saturday after yard sales all morning.
I think it still counts in this group, especially as I paid less than $5.00 for it.

When I yard sale I keep an open mind. I do not go looking for anything specific. If I am looking for that certain thing I ask the people holding the sale first thing if they have it. I have had mornings where they have gone in the house and come out with it.

Things I have learned shopping garage and yard sales. Always dress in layers. It is cooler in the morning. Bring something cool to drink. Plan on at least one food stop. Always bargain. I notice that a lot of people do not bother to price things. They just want it gone. Try for neighborhood sales. Park and walk when you can. Always be polite and remember to say "Thank you",someone has spent some time getting it all ready.

I like to start with a hand full of ones and a pocketful of quarters. That sort of sets the tone. Yard sales hit at the end of the day,the stuff tends to go cheaper. Thrift stores are best hit at the middle of the week when all the weekend donations are put out. Happy hunting!


Dawn Gold said...

Some wonderful stuff picked up at sales, loved the basket, quilts, platter etc - bargains

Trece said...

I think, if you look carefully at the pinking shears, you will find that you got an even better deal. I don't think they are Singer, but rather Gingher - THE name in sewing shears. Excellent buy. Also on the cast iron. I love mine!!

Ann said...

you hit the jackpot!
maybe if i'd have had a yard sale with the things from my parents house,i would not have a full garage and extra bedroom,plus a houseful of things....but,i could not part with them. they were all i had left of my family before i was married. with both my parents and my twin gone...just couldn't bring myself to do it. thankfully,my husband and kids do not mind bumping into my "tangible memories"!

Anonymous said...

Pinking shears! Brought back a sweet memory of my mother teaching me to sew....