Friday, July 5, 2013

Yard Sale Fabric Finds...

A beautiful hand embroidered and hand quilted quilt. I purchased this for $5.00. Some one had added a pink ruffle around three sides of the quilt. I removed the ruffle, washed the quilt and now it is Beautiful! A lot of love went into this quilt. The embroidered baskets of flowers, the embroidered butterflies. All along the borders are quilted hearts. It is just wonderful. 

A tablecloth brought home for a sister from France. The sister does not like the colors so she sells it to me at her yard sale for a dollar. Even if you did not use it as a table cloth it would be great in your car for a picnic. I do love the colors, and I will use it! 

A very large round tablecloth bought for a dollar at another yard sale. Here again I loved the material. It is very heavy upholstery fabric that someone made into a 
large table cloth. There is enough fabric here to redo a chair and an ottoman. Or maybe a small love seat. Or dining room chairs. I do not know, except the material is fantastic. This piece at the yard sale they had laid down and had sold things off of. I just asked if it was for 
sale and they said sure and I bought it. So, if you see something you like, ask. They can only say yes or no. 

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Ann said...

oh my live in yard sale heaven!!!
spectacular,marvelous bargains!!!