Monday, July 1, 2013

Digital Photograph - Beautiful Day in the Mountains

Tubing on the river

It was a beautiful weekend. Lots of sun, rain in the evening, not too hot, nice company, good food. I spent most of Saturday at yard sales and thrift store shopping with a girlfriend, MB. We had a great time. We found lots of deals and steals which I will share in another post after I clean things up and take pictures. 

Thought everyone might enjoy this picture I took heading home Saturday. We hit a small traffic jam due to an accident on the bridge connecting the West side of town to Downtown and the North side of town. Up on the bridge I was able to catch the spirit of a lovely Saturday here in the mountains. I am sure the rivers were full of kayaks, rafters, and tubers. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


Birgit said...

Have you ever tried tubing on the river? I first heard about that when friends told me about their experience at Christyfest. It must be so very cool! :)

Ann said... pretty!!
sounds like you had a wonderful day!!
looking forward to seeing your treasures!!