Sunday, September 15, 2013

Digital Photograph - The Old Farmhouse

The Old Farmhouse

Traveling back from South Carolina one late afternoon I spotted this old farmhouse. I pulled over and took a few pictures. I loved the way the old farm light and the new electric power tower sort of compete. It sort of sums a 
lot up with out having to speak. 
As I rolled my window down the smell of fresh mowed hay 
was the first thing I noticed. Then the sound of millions of insects. I am sure many a hot and humid night was spent in this little farmhouse. The only shade given by the big ole pecan tree. Stories are here, just listen.


Ann said...

another wonderful photo.
yes..many stories are here!

joy said...

Love this photo!

teri flemal said...

Loving both the photograph and your poignant post. I had the same feeling that you describe here when I looked at an old well in a courtyard in Venice. I had a keen sense of the countless generations who had gathered there: budding love, secrets traded, and plans made. These old structures keep their own confidences, but sometimes they share them if we listen closely.

Janet Ghio said...

I always love your photos of old buildings! Wish i was on a backroads trip with you. Haven't stopped by lately-two weeks ago we had to have our much loved little Sparky put to sleep. He was 13 years old-such a great little dog and such a part of our family. always love seeing your blog.