Friday, September 20, 2013

Digital Photograph - The Old House

The Old House

Abandoned, sitting across from the railroad tracks. This house in South Carolina reminded me so much of another house. A house I spent many happy days and nights in. My grandmother's house. The basic structure is the same. Her windows were larger and shuttered, there were Oleander bushes around the house, lots of wicker to sit and rock on on the front porch. A profusion of plants on the porch. It was always painted white, the porch floor gray, and the shutters a deep green. It was a much loved house.

This old house has seen some days. It looks like somebody must have loved it. Once. Now it is on it's way to forgotten. I want to scoop it up. Paint it. Fix it. 
Instead I sit and take photographs, thanking it for the memories it conjures up a childhood ago. Is there a house in your past full of memories?


Janet Ghio said...

I love those wrap around porches that used to be on all farmhouses! So many happy hours spent playing or snapping beans or rocking on!

Shopgirl said...

Beautiful old house, I would love to fix it up and call it home. A lot of living was done in this house, it was loved. Hugs, Mary

Ann said...

i love these old houses! they have such caracter.i like to wonder if a young married couple started their life here...had children...i can see them sitting out in the evening,in porch rockers,chatting as the children ran and played in the yard..perhaps a cat sitting by the woman's feet. a dog jumping and running alongside the kids.oh,the stories these old houses have!!