Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Fall!

Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat field with Crows

Welcome Fall! Today is the first day of Fall. The one day a year when there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Soon, the trees will be bare and the winds cold. Until then, I am going to enjoy Fall. I like the cooler nights, the beautiful colors of the trees, apple cider, soup, and getting to wear my boots!

This painting of Van Gogh's is one of my favorites. It has so much motion and energy. I can feel the wheat blowing 
and hear the crows cawing overhead. I can smell the threatening rain. It reminds me of Fall. The farmer's getting in the last of the harvest. Time to start thinking about bringing my plants in.

I found a big woolly caterpillar this week. They say it is a sign that we are going to have a cold winter. I think it is time for the chimney sweep to pay me a visit. I am planning a few fires in the fireplace this year. Along 
with a good book or two. I have stocked up on my favorite tea and my favorite chair is calling me. I love Fall. 


Birgit said...

I love fall, too, Elizabeth. You wrote about my favorite things -- soup, apples, hot tea, a cozy chair to read a good book, colored leaves, fresh air and all that good stuff.

As always I just love all your recent photos. I often don't find time to comment on them all, but please rest assured that I enjoy them nonetheless.

Of course, I am always happy when you find the time to participate in WLDA, too. I know I should be more active there, too. Well, maybe when I finally manage to catch up on a few other things. :)

Happy fall,

rush said...

don't forget about the vernal equinox. it is another day when the night and day are 12 hours. at that time, winter is turning into spring. the reason this comes up for me is that my girlfriend's birthday is today. i was checking on the exact time of the autumnal equinox, but you know that a search gives all kinds of information on stuff that you aren't looking for. turns out my girlfriend is turning 44 at 4.44 pm EDT (eastern daylight time.) how cool is THAT! i am a little envious of you for having a fireplace. we used to have one when we lived in columbus, oh. we live in eastern north carolina now, and there are some days in the winter when we could use a nice roaring fire! enjoy the fall, and stay warm in the winter! ps. the number of the "verifyer" below is the number 22. now, isn't that a coincident!

Janet Ghio said...

I love fall too-it's one of my favorite times of year.

teri flemal said...

Thank you for the winter warning - I'll book my Florida reservations right now! I love Fall, too. Having my birthday this month has always made Fall seem like the most special time of year for me.

Ann said...

i wish we had in so. Calif. it's basically hot and less hot and oh gosh,not to bad today!!!
oh,to be where there are actual seasons!!!
Happy 1st day of fall!!!

Paula said...

Fall is my most favorite time of year, too. It is glorious. I yearn for it while struggling through the hot summer and all the mowing and sweating.

I like living where there are four seasons, but if I had my way, summer would be very short, and fall would be very long.