Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friends I have Made Along the Way...

Enjoying the view

I ran across this gorgeous fellow one afternoon while out taking pictures. He seemed so content to just gaze out at the mountains. He never wavered. Never made a sound. Just watched me while I took my pictures. Made me remember to stop and look, enjoy what is all around me.

Early Morning Walk

Out for a walk at the Biltmore Estate 

and I discovered 
this little lady walking about. 
I think she was distracting me from her 
nest that was several yards away. 
I see these wild turkeys everywhere 
here in the mountains. 
They are so fun to watch. 
Their feathers are beautiful.
A Little Foal

He is just the cutest. Mom watches him like a hawk. He is so curious. I found him in the Spring on one of my rides. Every time I am in the area I drive by. He is now a teenager, and is quite funny to see him leaping
around the field.
Guarding the garden

I ran into this handsome dude one late afternoon with my girlfriend. She had taken me over to Black Mountain to show me some sights and take some pictures. We found this beautiful community garden. This young guy was their guardian. At first he was a little shy, by the time I was done taking pictures he was braying away at us not to leave. I think he was a bit lonely. 

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Janet Ghio said...

I love the little donkey. I wish I had been able to visit the Biltmore house while I was in Asheville but it was quite a drive down all those mountain roads from our lodge on the mountain. Maybe next time.