Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Grey Barn - Digital Photograph

The Grey Barn

This little barn is so charming to me.
The rusty roof. The broken window. The missing siding (perfect for barn owls).
The day lilies. The way it sits on a little hill. It is a local barn, an in town barn. Which makes it even more special to me.
The people who live there just use it to store the broken down parts of their lives.
I can imagine so many things I could do
with it. I want a barn.


Lille-bee said...

Hi Elizabeth, I like this photo as I like all your photos. I want a barn too :-))) and I would fill it with fabric, patterns, pearls, beads, stamps, cardstocks and many other most important things. ;-) Greeting from Germany

indybev said...

....and I'd fill MY barn with crocks and baskets, quilts and enamelware, old benches and cupboards, well loved books, embroidered linens and bits of lace ......well, you get the idea ....

Anonymous said...

Had I a barn, it would hold fresh hay, a flock of chickens who would leave eggs in unexpected places, a couple of goats to eat the poison ivy (which gets healthier and bigger as the CO2 increases) and maybe an old pony who would stand in the sunny doorway leaning against the doorjamb, eyes half -closed and tail flipping off flies.....and the ladder would be sturdy so i could sit in the loft looking out at the scenery and painting tiny watercolors of the view from up under the roof. (In summer, not so much, tin roofs hold too much heat.)