Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vintage Zinnia Seed Packets - Freebies

Elegant Double Zinnia
Fantasy Zinnia
Lilliput Zinnia
Orange Zinnia
Giant Double

Love the mix of colors

Thought these would be fun after all my photographs and talk of Zinnias. I think this summer they are turning out to be my favorite flowers. They seem to do well in hot sunny locations, and with very little effort give gorgeous results. Next year I am planting tons of them. All different kinds.


Linda Gibbons said...

So happy to see you back again, Elizabeth! I have missed both your photographs and your lovely vintage finds. said...

thank you for these extraordinary images. zinnias are my favorite summer flower....they are just so happy to be here! and i am soooo glad you are back! i really missed your blog posts and inspiration, not to mention the amazing freebies. i worried about you and kept you in my prayers, hoping that nothing horrible happened to you. i am sorry for the loss of your father. the blog world is enriched by having you return and my inbox is beside itself with joy. jenni from

Shopgirl said...

Great post! I have been away for so long, I was afraid you would not be here. I look forward to returning often, Hugs, mary

indybev said...

Zinnias were one of my mother's favorite flowers. She always called the "zeenies" and I didn't know their proper name until I was grown! They are wonderful for bouquets, because they hold their beauty for a long time. Thanks for the memories, Elizabeth! Happy late summer to yoU!