Thursday, September 24, 2015

Digital Photograph - The Chimney

I just love driving around and spotting these old chimneys. The houses or cabins they have warmed are gone. Yet, here they are. Beautiful reminders of warm nights, chilly mornings, stockings hung?

This chimney I spotted last week with a friend. We were waiting to go look at a cabin and had some time to kill. We went exploring and picture taking. This particular chimney the owners had incorporated into their yard as a sculpture. They had a beautiful garden. Lot's of flower beds with yard in between. The chimney was loved here.

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indybev said...

How nice that it's still loved. I get all sloppy romantic when I see sights like this. They make me want to write poems and daydream about the stories they could tell! I do so enjoy your country jaunts!