Thursday, September 10, 2015

Digital Photograph from my Phone - Unknown Flower

A couple of weeks ago my Iphone blew up. It was my third Iphone in fours years. Needless to say I was extremely upset. The first time I sort of got it. I had been out in the middle of nowhere for an extended period of time. Searching for a cell tower fried it. Literally. The screen made this funny noise and then dissolved into black. It was time for an upgrade anyway.

The second time it just died. No excuse. The third time I woke up and that little Apple icon was just blinking every 5 seconds. I went on line and followed all the instructions. Nothing worked. Called Apple and was told to take it to my nearest Apple store and they might be able to restore it. Of course, the nearest Apple store is in another state. 

It is a phone people. Why do I have to go to another State/South Carolina to have you look at my phone. Crazy. So, I dumped my Iphone. I know. I got online and researched. Guess what? Iphones are prone to lots of problems. There cameras are inferior. I found what I was looking for and decided to make a leap. I could always go back...

I went to my phone provider. Told my woeful story. As I was in the middle of my saga, in walked this young girl with her Iphone. It was doing the same thing mine was doing. She was in shock, but decided she would try the Apple store. It was a sign. I decided to look at all the phones I had researched. Then set my agent into finding the best deal. 

The long and short of it is I went with the Samsung s6. I love the size, the camera 16MP in my back camera compared to 8MP in the Iphone, 5MP on my front camera and the Iphone is 1.2MP. Much more Ram and a faster charger. I did not get the Edge. I did not like the way it felt in my hand. I could go on and on. Plus every Techy magazine, blog, etc. raved about it. 

They were right. I was utterly amazed. It is so easy, the Apps are great. But let me tell you the camera is Quality. It brings taking pictures with your phone to a new level. 

The picture in this post is a photo I took. I used a background I had to soften and give it an edge. I have not a clue what the flower is. I tried to look it up under flowers then weeds and came up blank. If any body knows would you mind letting me know. I would like to know. 

[I found the flowers while waiting at a closed shop up in the mountains to meet someone. The shop was next to an abandoned foundation of an old house. I got out of my car to take some pictures and there they were. These delicate blooms. So white and pure...]
Double click on the picture and see how beautiful the camera did.


Janet Ghio said...

Oh here you tell what kind of phone you have--I have an older Samsung phone--I really like it--but these photos are amazing--I may have to upgrade!!

Aimeslee said...

Hi Elizabeth! Congrats on your new phone. Sorry, no idea what the flower is, but I wanted to make sure I told you THANK YOU and you are my guardian angel about smartphones, I now see. All I do is talk and text so I carry my little Canon camera for pic-taking. I have so far resisted upgrading my non-smartphone flip phone all these years as I have never been an Apple person but never felt comfortable choosing an android. Until now, that is. So, I think I have the courage to upgrade now. Thanks again! xoxo, Aimeslee