Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Dashboard - Digital Photograph

The Dashboard

I found this old car sitting in a field not
to long ago. I was just fascinated by the simplicity of this dashboard. A clock, a lighter, I place for the key and a button for the heater. That's all folks. Now there are
so many things on the dashboard that it takes a few weeks to learn them all. Sometimes even then you are still learning what all it can do. I am not sure it is all necessary. I feel like sometimes it is just more "stuff" to 
complicate my life. Though I am told it is to make my life easier. I like Simple.


Janet Ghio said...

How things have changed!! Do you remember in the 90's how one of the careers people were talking about were "leisure counselors; (I was back in college then and studying to be a counselor)--the idea was that because of all the new and developing technology that people would have so much free time that they might need help figuring out what to do with all that time. Ha!! Instead of giving us more time--it only meant we could carry our work with us everywhere--less free time!

Elizabeth Golden said...

It is amazing that all those things that are suppose to save us time, actually take up our time and energy. I want simple.