Monday, July 28, 2008

Garage Sale Treasures

I had a few minutes Saturday to go to a couple of yard sales. The first one I hit pay dirt. A woman was cleaning out her garage that she had been storing some of her late mother's "old" things in. I was able to buy the two ironstone dishes, two bowls and the sugar and creamer for $5.00. She kept saying that they were just "old" dishes her mother was fond of. Well, I like old it was a perfect fit. The second sale was a crafter who was cleaning out a storage unit. She probably hadn't "crafted" since 1980, but her heart was there. I poked around and found some glitter - new! - a rotary cutting mat and some purple cotton fabric cut into strips for quilting. Perfect. Next month my quilting square has to be purple! She also had eleven packages of these kits to make angels with brass wings, beads, and safety pins. I will not make the angels but I will use the brass wings. All eleven for 25 cents. Then I discovered a couple of old pattern, I like to pack my swaps in the pattern paper, an Italian fabric picture and frame. Hmm the fabric picture I could use on something. Last but not least - a rusting pan to rust things in and a silver heart box, very tarnished. My big total there was $3.00. Home to clean an admire my new treasures!

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Rosie said...

Golly, you did really well Liz!! Thank you for the images and I agree with you about the elderly! I often feel like a kid again when I get chatting to them, even though I'm 50 myself!