Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ATC Display

Several weeks ago I received an email from a gal who was asking me how I displayed my ATC's. There has been some chatter about this online in various art groups. I found this baseball card frame at one of the big craft stores. It has hard plastic cases to put your cards in. Then you slide them in on a "track like" system for each row. Only flat ATC's will fit in the cases. Many of mine are not flat so I just put a glue dot on the outside of the plastic card case an adhere the ATC on that way. It is easy to change them out.

This particular ATC frame was a display I used for teaching an ATC class in a local store about three or four years ago. All of the ATC's are from that time period. I have another frame that has "traded" ATC's in it. I have these in my sewing room. It is nice to be able to enjoy the different pieces of art. How do you display your ATC's?


Lois Richter said...

I use binders with either 9-up (vertical) or 8-up (horizontal) plastic sleeves. I like to see both sides, print info about the trade or swap between sleeves, and be able to get face-to-face with my ATCs. I'm also nearsighted, so I don't want little things on a wall anyway.

I take lots of photos. Sometimes I make color prints (at Kinko's) of a swap that I'm hosting -- to use as samples when I teach ATC-Making.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!! Love it!! :) TFS!

bockel24 said...

I wish we had baseball card frames in Germany (but we don´t even have baseball, LOL) ... Great display!

CafeArtiste said...

I love the frame idea. I'll have to keep my eye out for one.

As I've always done, I keep my ATCs and postcards in binder albums, easily accessible on a table for frequent perusing.

However, what a treat to display some in a framed holder. I often will stick to my wall a 9-card holder with ATCs in them from a recent swap, but it's not nearly as pretty as a pre-fab frame.


k9dancer said...

Great idea. I wonder if I can buy a frame like that at Hobby Lobby?

Ralonda said...

never thought to actually display them- what a great idea and a nice ecclectic piece of wall art - I am sure to use this idea in my new house, Thanks

Helen in the UK said...

What a great frame to display your cards. I'm into quilting so I've made a similar size display in quilt format with vinyl pockets that I can put cards into and hang on my wall. I do like this ready-made option though :)

Miss Oddity said...

Thanks so much for posting a picture Elizabeth as I think it was me who asked for it ... not sure as it has been a hard few weeks.

I have been looking around the stores with a general idea of what you were talking about but now I can look with more certainty. The search is now on in earnest!

Unfortunately our shop dedicated to swap cards closed earlier this year before I had considered displaying my ATC's in more than just a binder.

Thanks again

Carol said...

Fabulous idea. Love the title plaques also.