Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One piece of Paper

The long weekend was long.....I always feel like I need to clean and start the new week of right. I am not sure why I have this compulsion, but it is there. Sunday night, after all the cordite had cleared and the house was back to normal, I decided to clean up my work space in my studio. So with recycling in mind I decided to make a few quick things with the paper on my worktable.

The paper that covers my work area was covered in ink, acrylic, and oil pastels. So a few random snippets of text, and a few images pre-cut that I had also laying around I made four 3 by 5 skinnies and a couple of ATC's. I think orange and turquoise are my new favorite colors. They seem to be showing up a lot in my art work. Have you noticed certain colors showing up in your work?


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi elizabeth
i have been lurking at your blog for awhile now :)
i just have to tell you i love your new cards-esp the one with the little girl standing on the birds head!!! also bright and beautiful colors! the doors for your blog header are fantastic
thanks for sharing
enjoy your day

Mam said...

Wowie! These are wonderful. And yes, I go through favorite colors/techniques. I go on what I call "binges" with things. Not a problem...right! Love your work.

sandee said...

BEAUTIFUL scrap art!!! My scraps are mostly oranges, greens and browns...I'm very predictable!

Carol said...

Whimsical, colorful, utterly delightful!!!!

Kim said...

These are so beautifully vivid and orange and turquoise are fabulous together.
(and I'm doing way too much blue and green)

Lindart said...

These orange and turquoise cards are delightful! I really like how you have put them together. I can't choose a fav because they are all wonderful!! It's amazing what we can do when we clean up our art table!

Rosie said...

Thanks for the images, they're great! I love the skinnys and ATCs resulting from your cleanup!! What lovely results!

bockel24 said...

Love the ALL, Elizabeth, these colours are just amazing and make the pics pop!