Monday, November 17, 2008

Found Treasures

These are a couple of found treasures. The weekend is not complete without a little treasure hunting. The box is going to be a shrine someday and I love the composition book. It is filled with figures and personal accounting. Who doesn't need a couple of old keys? I found the nail in the parking lot. The letter is so sad. The sudden death of a cousin and talk of the upcoming holiday. It did make one think about all the people that come and go in our lives. It might have to end up on a freebies post. It is something to share.

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joanne said...

I love these glimpses into the past. They always inspire all sorts of emotions in me, holding them and reading them is like stepping into a time machine...and then it leads to creative ideas about how to incorporate them into a new piece. I really like how you call them treasures.