Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today my sister has a birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. If I was there I would make you cupcakes like this and we could sit around and catch up with each other. It seems too long since I have seen you. I remember when you were born. What a sweet baby you were. How we got dogs because you were a girl.....Chip made Mom promise if it wasn't a brother he could have a dog. Mom has always kept her promises. Another important memory I have is I remember teaching you to type in the house in Michigan. I can still see you sitting on that beanbag chair with the typewriter on the floor. How you would write your "stories" and illustrate them. I even have some of them still. Now, if I want to read your stories I have to go to the bookstore and buy one. I am so proud of you! Most important is that you are doing what you love best - writing. So today stop and enjoy life and remember how many of us love and care about you. I hope today is special for you!

To see some of the many books she has written just google her or go to her website by clicking here.


Trizzy said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us - it is truly a beautiful memory to have! Also I love your blog, lots of great inspiration can be found here...
Trizzy in Oz

Jennifer Williams said...

Those cupcakes make me drool!

How cool is that you sister is an author! I've never known an author in real life before. I will have to check out some of her stuff. I hope she had a great birthday.!