Sunday, November 30, 2008

I won I won!

I have been very fortunate lately. I have entered a couple of blog giveaways and have actually won a couple. You have to understand - I never win - anything. I try so hard, but I am never the winner. I am the one who always enters everything, fills out every form, but never wins. It is okay, I enjoy imagining what I would do with the prize or who else I know who would like the giveaway. The actual winning just isn't something I have experienced. Well , my luck has turned and I have been winning drawings, and giveaways. How cool is that?

The latest has been Kathy from Louisiana. She decided for her birthday to have a blog giveaway. How classy is that? I thought it was the sweetest thing. She made this awesome 4" by 7 " chipboard collage that you can hang and four collaged tags. For lots of ideas and inspiration, and fun artwork, please visit her blog - Vintage Snaps and Scraps - Altered Expressions.

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Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Super congrats to you! Looks like you got some cool stuff. A birthday present for you!