Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out Playing and "Stuff"

I have really missed posting the past week or so. I have missed you all. I got the go ahead after almost eight weeks that I can put some weight on my foot as long as the air cast boot is on. I have soft bone growing now! I still have to wear "the boot" 24/7 except for the shower, but at least I am not going to be as hampered by the crutches and scooter. Although I will say I can move on my scooter.
Those first few steps were very hard and quite exhausting. I am still working on building my stamina. Steps are still unfriendly territory. Maneuvering them still involves my backside. I am hoping soon I will be hobbling up and down. My doctor says only another 6 to 8 weeks in the boot. Still sounds better than a metal plate, screws and surgery.
The holiday weekend I spent with an art friend. Catching up on life and friends. I went to my first restaurant in two months. Of course I was exhausted afterward,but it was well worth it. Next time you see some one with physical limitations please give them a hand. I have learned alot from this experience and I will not be taking simple things for granted anymore!
So, this is where and what I have been up to the past week or so. Learning to walk.

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Diane said...

You have really been through it! I'm so glad to hear things are finally moving along. I miss seeing your beautiful work & anxiously await your full return.
Feel better & have a wonderful Sunday!