Monday, August 22, 2011

Canvas Heart Book...

This is a canvas heart book from a workshop I did a couple weekend's ago at Donna Downey's studio.  It was so much fun. We started with painting a few of the hearts red and a few of the hearts white. I have not had a place to really create in awhile.  So taking a few workshops has really been a wonderful thing for me.

Here is the cover.

We dyed these flowers with painty water or glimmer mist sprays.

Stenciled and stamped then outlined the flowers with a pen.  It has been a few months since I have worked on canvas.

Another hand dyed flower and some added glitz.  Every heart should have some glam on it.

I love this fabric letters. They create another layer of texture.

Each of these hearts is to have photographs on them. I just left places and figured I would put them on in the end.

I loved the saying on the stamps on both of these hearts.

This heart is suppose to have a picture of me on it. I am going to have to rummage around for that!
Hope you enjoyed this wonderful little book I made in the workshop. Several people did there own thing and did blue books and there was a purple book. I really thought they were all amazing.


mbrshort40 said...

I Love it all!! :) Great expressions!

WendyK said...

Love all these hearts, very textural

Carlene Taylor Simmons said...

just wonderful