Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Bye Irene....

These folks had come to see what was left of one of the oldest historical cottages on the beach.  Unfortunately all that was left was these stairs. What a shock ! I think this picture sort of says what everyone is feeling when they see the damage done by a hurricane.

Nags Head North Carolina that was hit very bad.  Here is one of several floating houses.

The pier at Atlantic Beach

This is the main drag in the Outer Banks.  The road is washed away in twelve different places.  This will take some time to rebuild. Many people were cut off because of these road breaks.

Loss of power and downed trees are the worst inconveniences of a storm. They also can cause the most injury after the storm.

North Carolina made it through the storm.  I think we were hit with the highest winds[gusts of 85 to 100 miles an hour], most rainfall [14 to 18 inches in some places], and a lot of damage, as many as 1100 homes lost. Total dead for North Carolina 7 from the storm.  Thankfully, all my family and friends are fine with little to no damage.  I am so blessed.  I want to thank everyone who sent me kind thoughts and prayers. I really appreciated it. More than you probably realize.

There will be a lot of clean up in the next few days and weeks from this storm. All up and down the East Coast. I hope all of my blog friends are all right. I am thinking of you. Yesterday as I listened to two talk radio condemn all the hype of this storm all I could think of was 44 dead in 13 states.  Several billion dollars in damages.  True it was not a Fran or Andrew or even Katrina, but it was large, brought lots of rain and wind, and impacted a very large area.  I am thanking my lucky stars and hoping every one is fine regardless of what any one else says!


Robin said...

Im so glad you and family are all good...you really captured great images to depict this storm..I am in Long Island and had similar occurances but did not get any good pics...Thanks for sharing these..!

Dianne said...

these devastating images really bring home the impact that this storm had...the folks on those steps really do look so forlorn...so glad you and your family are ok!

Robin said...

So glad you and your family are safe and made it through Irene. I can't believe that road on the outer banks washed away the way it did! A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.


Ann said...

just so much devastation! theese pictures really tell the story. I am relieved that you and your loved ones are safe. My heart goes out to all who lost so much!!

indybev said...

Thank you for sharing the photos, Elizabeth. I'm glad prayers were answered and you and yours are safe. The photo of the stairs is so poignant and demonstrative of things (and lives) forever changed by these storms.

Anonymous said...

We dodged the bullet in Cape Cod...Thank the Lord...Got our power back Sunday night. Glad you and yours are safe, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD, Elizabeth! I'm so glad you're all alright! This is incredible to see! I'm in Brooklyn, NY and I was terrified as this thing was approaching. Stayed up throughout the entire night waiting for it, not knowing what to expect. I am thanking God every day that we made it through unscathed in my part of town. I echo your sentiments about all those talking about it all having been hyped up by the media. I get so pissed off hearing this kind of talk and I keep telling people, have you looked around you? Have you looked beyond your own front yard??? The winds had died down to gusts between 60 and 70 mph when she got here. I think the highest one was clocked at 71. I can't imagine what 100 mph wind feels and sounds like and I never want to know. I thank God you're all well and I send my thoughts and prayers to NC and pray for a quick as possible recovery. My best to you!

Susan said...

I appreciate your article, and I'm so glad that you and yours are fine!!
It certainly could have been worse, and I'm thankful it wasn't. It did enough damage as it was.

So glad you are good!