Saturday, August 25, 2012

Digital Photograph - North Carolina Red Barn

Red Barn In North Carolina

Spotted this barn not too far from my house.
It was a dreadfully hot day. You could
feel the heat when you moved. One of
those days that takes your breath away
when you walk outside.
It reminded me of barns I use to
draw when I was a kid. The windows
all different sizes...


Ann said...

golly..they are different sizes!
do you know why? ..a "just because" thing?
i like the look of different sized windows!
now i'm going to go back and look at more barn photos in your blog to see how many have different windows.
i wish i had your eye..i never noticed. i think i need to slow down.........

Anonymous said...

Where is this barn, I would like to shoot this...with the owner's permission of course.