Thursday, August 30, 2012

Digital Photograph - Effects of Acid Rain on the Forests

Trees dying from acid rain

Last weekend I spent some time up
around the Eastern Continental
divide. It is beautiful up there
in the mountains. I was fairly
upset though when I started to see
all of the effects of acid rain on
our forests. Big huge trees dying
or dead. This is a direct gift from
our neighbors from the North.
Power plants and factories
spewing forth their wastes.
This year I have noticed it
more than others. It makes me weep.


Folk Heart said...

I couldn't agree with you more...and weep, I do! But I also started following "Appalachian Voices" on Facebook, and they help you lend your voice and voice your opinion in a myriad of ways. It feels good to do something proactive about what we are allowing to happen to the environment. We ARE the government and should all feel responsible for making the changes. LOVE your photos and poignant thoughts, as always. Thanks so much for being here!

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