Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Summer Freebies - Sisters


My favorites

They look so much alike.
They are so sweet!
It has been awhile I know. This summer has been crazy busy. My sister moved from Colorado to Tennessee the past few weeks. So in her honor I thought we would do sisters. I drove over to see her and drop number 4 son off to help her do a little painting, unpacking, and put together things for her. A little aunt and nephew bonding time. I took advantage of the trip and took a lot of pictures on the way home. Hope you enjoy these!


Robin said...

Thanks for the freebies Elizabeth! Hope you are enjoying your Summer.


Elizabeth Golden said...

My pleasure Robin! It has been a fast summer this year, but enjoyable! Hope yours has been great!

Ann said...

these are beautiful Elizabeth!
thank you so much!!

Shopgirl said...

I have no excuses put it has been a fast summer and we have been so busy...I went back and looked at what I missed, you have some really beautiful photos and the freebies are so valued. Thank you, Mary