Thursday, August 23, 2012

Digital Photograph - Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire

Stopping at a light in a small town in
Tennessee at the end of the day. I
looked up and low and behold saw
this flock of Starlings coming in to
roost at the four corners of this
intersection. What a sight!
I immediately pulled in to the corner
gas station and began to take pictures.
It was amazing. Of course everyone at
the light wondered what I was doing.
They began to honk their horns. The
birds would take off and fly back.
It was like a mini ballet. 
Truly amazing. I then realized that
this was a sign that fall was about to
begin. Summer was ending. Beginnings
are nice...


Anonymous said...

I love this! Worth the horn honking you endured!

Ann said...

what a marvelous sight!!
just amazing! i've never seen anything like this!!
thank you for sharing this!!

mbrshort40 said...

Why do I never see anything this fabulous? oh, I know....cause I am too distracted to look & enjoy what I see...sad :(
But I love your photo's sooo much & I miss you