Friday, August 31, 2012

Freebies - Currier & Ives Beauties

Eliza Jane

Thought I would do something
frivolous this week for my
freebies. I have a fondness for
Currier & Ives prints.
All of these were done before
1847. They give you the
idea of what was in fashion
and what was considered
beautiful then. I am so
glad we do not have to
wear our hair like that
any more. However, I do enjoy
putting my hair up in a bun.
I also would not mind some of
the jewelry they wore back then.
Just saying...


Caatje said...

These are beautiful! Thank you.

Dorthe said...

Thankyou so much, they are beautiful.

Janet Ghio said...

Oh I love these! They are wonderful! Thank you. Also love the new grand puppy from a few hosts back.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Elizabeth
I've just become your newest follower! I arrived at your blog via Patty of Magpies Nest!

I have a darling granddaughter in France named Stella Rose! I smiled when I saw your sons new puppy of the same name!

I've had a lovely wander through your blog with my coffee this morning Elizabeth!
I've picked up two beautiful children's images for my collage - thank you so much.

I would love you to pop over and say hello to me too one day and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!

Shane in New Zealand

Martina2801 said...

Oh, what beautiful ladies! Many thanks, dear Elizabeth. You are so generous.
Have a nice weekend and greetings from Germany

Karyl Howard said...

Hey, Elizabeth! I hope that you're okay and just enjoying some time off! I know how beautiful those mountains are in autumn, so enjoy and come back soon!

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they're beautiful.. elizabeth such a beautiful woman..

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Ann said...

i inherited a love of Currier and Ives from my mother.
these are beautiful!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

A nice thing to inherit! Lucky you! It is so wonderful when we realize what our parents have given us.