Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Before the Storm...Digital Photographs

The Road to Tennessee


Here are a few shots I took late
Sunday afternoon looking toward
Tennessee. I am very close to the
Tennessee/North Carolina border.
You can see the swirling clouds.
Soon warm air is going to be touching
Arctic air. Lots of snow in the
higher elevations are expected.
One of my boys who lives closer
to the Eastern Continental Divide
is expecting a foot or more.

Hurricane Sandy is one of the
reasons I left the beach after ten
beautiful years. I just could not
face the destruction and the impacts
associated with these storms.
After living almost a lifetime of
watching them come by up close and
personal I decided no more. I do
understand that snowstorms can be
dangerous. However, with a little 
planning you can get through them
pretty unscathed. There is no
running from Mother Nature.
I guess it is a little like
picking your poison - earthquakes?
tornadoes? snow storms? hurricanes?
I chose snow!

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Ann said...

gorgeous photos elizabeth.