Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Digital Photographs - Birdhouses

On Sunday I went to lunch with a
friend and then we did the local
Art Safari tour. It was cool, brisk,
and at times rainy. We were given
a map with the various artist's
studios and homes on it. Off we
went to discover all sorts of new
places, new artists, and just to
enjoy the day.  Along the way
I spotted a lot of bird houses.
I really enjoyed what each artist
had as visual treats before
we even got to the door. So much
creativity. Here is a sampling
of some of the bird adobes
we ran across. Enjoy!


Janet Ghio said...

Love the colorful birdhouses!

Ann said...

i did enjoy!!
sounds like such a fun way to spend the day!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pix of birdhouses!