Sunday, October 28, 2012

Timeless Photographs

I found these old photographs today.
I love how these women are showing
off their cornstalks, their flowers,their
beautiful yards. I love the one of
the women reading the book to her
child surrounded by her lovely yard.
I have these same pictures in my
photograph albums. Me with my garden or
a particularly gorgeous flower bed,
or me with one or more of my boys.
Enjoying the day in our yard.
These types of photographs are


Janet Ghio said...

Fabulous old photos!

Rita A. said...

LOVE THEM. Thank you for sharing.

Shopgirl said...

These photos from another time are beautiful, I always wonder about the people in old pictures. These are so peaceful. Thank you for sharing. Happy Fall, Mary

teri said...

I especially love the one with the (?) mother and daughter reading. So sweet, and makes me realize how alike we are to those who lived before us.

Anonymous said...


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lovely women...these old photos reminds me of my late grandfather,i have a picture of him,age 8 months old..:)beautiful pictures..