Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Green Door

The green door

Traveling the back roads I ran across
this old store. Remember when
people would  use the neighborhood
store instead of the big box stores?
Here you could find a little bit of
everything. Local produce, fresh meat
from local farms, nails, shovels, ice
cream, you name it they had it.
I remembering visiting my grandmother.
She would often send me off to get
something or another she needed.
I was allowed to get a fresh ice cold
Coca Cola in a bottle and a pack
of salty peanuts to put in my coke.
That was the best thing I have ever
tasted. What memories this old
place brought back to me. I wonder
how many memories those old green
doors have...


Mali Gold said...


branded apparel said...

hmm,i think it's an abandoned place..intriguing!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Definitely abandoned. Definitely sad that these Mom and Pop places can no longer survive. Thanks for your comment

Elizabeth Golden said...

Thank you Mali Gold!

furniture restoration toronto said...

looks creepy to me, perfect for halloween..i guess:)) love your blog..thanks for sharing this.

Elizabeth Golden said...

It is sort of creepy! I think that is the beauty of it!

jinxxxygirl said...

Buying local is a great idea..and i would......but i'm not going to pay more just to buy local....

Elizabeth Golden said...

It used to be that buying local was not paying more. Because there was no shipping or travel costs. Now it is not that way. However, I have found the local farmer markets are comparable if not better in pricing and quality of food they offer.

Janet Ghio said...

You do such a great job with these photos! and you find such interesting things to photograph!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Thank you Janet I so appreciate the positive comment.

Folk Heart said...

Oh, Elizabeth! This is so wonderful. It reminds me of the old hardware store in Saluda. If it is not, I do hope you'll put that on your list of places to visit...or better yet, meet me there for an ice cold Coca-Cola. I'll bring the peanuts!

Ann said...

it is sad to see these kinds of stores a thing of the past.
i remember pulling the coke or chocolate drink along the metal rails before pulling it out!!..looked like an enormous ice chest!!!
this photograph is awesome!! the color,the sheen of the glass in the window!! this one is on my top 10 list!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice artowrk...I was searching for a green door pic impression, listening to this song from The Cramps... some other kind of magic realm beyond the green door. Maybe you know the song (Jim lowe cover I think), post you a link,green-door,q8f0pz.html

regards from Germany, Rob