Monday, October 22, 2012

Digital Photograph - A Nest

A Nest

I found this little nest in one
of my plants. I had wondered why
it was not growing as well as some
of the other potted plants around it.
I went to water it and there was
this sweet little home.
I watched it carefully and soon
eggs appeared. Then little baby
wrens. One day they were gone.
All grown up.
My first nest, my first set of
baby birds in my new home. I
decided to keep the nest.
So, this weekend I gently pulled
it out of the potted plant.
The nest was made so carefully.
The mama had even used a plastic
bag and some fur to line her nest.
I too am carefully setting up
my nest.


Folk Heart said...

I have SO missed your posts, and these are all so wonderful, diverse and poignant. I am so glad you are you! My world is a better place for it.

Elizabeth Golden said...

And I have missed you so....

Ann said...

God's creatures feel your love and safe they feel "in your care"!
says so much about you my friend!!