Friday, August 1, 2008

Angel with Horn

I think we all have a real affinity for angels. They offer such hope. [I personally hope I have a few looking after me and the ones I love.] I particularly like the angels that you find in cemeteries. They are so quiet and full of the past, so worn an aged. Have you ever noticed how each country and city sort of has their own style of angel? I found this angel on Margaret Rodgers' blog.

Margaret has very graciously offered several photos on her blog for personal use. This is my version of one of them. I have several more angels I hope to share with you. I have some unaltered, but really nice photos from San Francisco, New Orleans, Paris, my own home town, etc... Again, thank you Margaret!


Sharon said...

I already left a comment at Margaret's blog because I recognized that angel from the cemetery near my house. I had some amazing experiences while visiting there taking my own pictures!

I recently printed a few from a rural cemetery in Texas. They work well when printed on clear ink jet film and spraying rubbing alcohol to make photo transfers in journals. ( I blogged about that awhile ago, but didn't show the cemetery pictures)

I'd love to see more of you cemetery pictures.


Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for checking out my new blog. Yours is fabulous! I love the angel statue and I too wanted to use the photo- so thank you very much!
I want to try the row houses as well.