Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Martin Luther king Jr.

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Although his actual birthday is January the 15th. We always celebrate on a Monday. I don't really care when his birthday was, I am just glad that he graced our lives.

Growing up in Atlanta Georgia in the sixties, although I was a child, I have my memories of him. I have been blessed with parents who are very knowledgeable and nonjudgmental of people. They exposed us to all sorts of ideas and thoughts. My folks were always involved in the church, the schools, and the political scene. They had us read the paper and keep informed, also. Our dinner table was always very lively.

I can remember hearing the "I have a dream..." speech as well as the "I've been to the mountain top..."[that one mostly in the grisly news reports shortly after his death] I remember his voice, the passion, and how beautiful he sounded. His voice was so powerful yet gentle all at the same time. Truly a man who believed in and thought about peace.

I remember the news casts and how white and shakened my father looked as we gathered around the television. When I asked what had happened my mother stepped in to shield me from the ugliness. I remember my Father saying let her stay and watch, she should know about this. Atlanta was in mourning and the world joined us.

Tomorrow we will realize one of King's dreams. We will all walk together to swear in our 44th President of the United States, citizens of all colors, all religions, of this great nation. Happy Birthday Martin.


simple~needs said...

what a great post!!
we , as a country need to join together, to tighten out boot straps and get our country back on track.

LW said...

what a wonderful post....

Wishing you the best of dreams on this day
and in this year of change.


Anonymous said...

That was truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories.