Monday, January 5, 2009

Out of the Studio

I have been out of the studio the past few days. Putting the old year away and making room for the new. I have been trying to keep up with my mail, but if I haven't answered someone, I apologize now. The hardest part of the new year for me is making my goals. I want something that challenges me, but at the same time is not out of reach. I need to set these goals in every aspect of my life so I can attain the things that seem out of reach.

I have set my challenges and art goals for this year. I looked back on my goals for last year and I was pretty pleased at how well I stayed on track. Life did send me a few curve balls, but in the end, they led me in new directions that truly inspired me. Even breaking my foot was a blessing in disguise. What lessons that taught me. So as my youngest so informed me when I sat down to have a "mother - son" talk about his goals..."Life is what we make it".

So I am off to the studio...

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Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Nice post best wishes with your goals