Monday, January 12, 2009

I have been tagged....

In December Marva of Purple Paints Muse tagged me. I am to tell 6 obscure things about myself and then tag six more people. A sort of blog game that helps you get to know everyone better. I am not doing too well with all of this, I still have two more awards to give out and blogs to award, I really need to spend some time thinking about this but time is not on my side so here goes.
Six things about me....
1. I was hit by a car on my bicycle when I was a kid. I came flying out of our driveway and did not look like I was suppose to. Scared the guy who hit me to death. I would not let him call anyone or help me because I knew my Dad would take my bike away. My Dad came home early, in a panic, he had gotten a call from a guy he worked with who told him he thought he had hit me with his car. The jig was up. I was just scratched up pretty bad down one side.
2. I am a very good swimmer. I often go to the ocean and swim so far out I can barely see the shore and then swim back in.
3. I still tell most of my secrets to my high school best friend.[ love you Patty]
4. I haven't had a hamburger from a fast food place since I was ten years old.
5. I would rather have a piece of art than a piece of jewelry. You can enjoy art everyday, but you can't wear all your jewelry every day.
6. I like really smart nerdy men.

My list of tags:
1. Chrysti After her massive December give away we want to know more about you southern girl.
2. Ophelia another southern girl whose collages and journal pages are wonderful.
3. Shelley a third southern girl who also is most talented and fresh.
so let me think for awhile and I promise to come up with some northern or western artists, so many to choose from...

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Shelly said...

Hi Elizabeth -

I was just tagged recently and actually turned it into a game, so I'll pass on playing this time around. If you are curious to know a tidbit or two about me, here is a link to the post:

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments. Now that we've connected, I'll be stopping by your lovely blog from time to time.

Have a great week !!!!