Monday, January 12, 2009

Morning Surprise

Early this morning I was startled by my youngest son to "come outside and bring your camera." Low and behold we have two new swans in the pond. Usually in this pond their is a blue heron and some assorted ducks - no swans. How exciting.

I put fresh batteries in my camera and slowly walked to the bank of the pond. Immediately the two turned and started swimming for me - fast. Oh dear, my heart started to really thump. They have about 600 pounds of pressure per square inch in those wings. They can beat a man to death. They are really young. Show no fear.

Swimming straight for me the male began to hiss. Whoo, what a relief, hissing is okay. We can deal with hissing. After a few minutes of me introducing myself and telling them how beautiful they are, they felt secure enough to let me take some photos. The male was very wary and kept extending his neck. What a sight. The female stayed back but seemed secure in letting the male do all the worrying.

I never tire of these birds. The pair were young maybe two years old. Maybe next spring they will have a nest and young. I am really happy they have picked this pond as a winter resting spot. They glide through the water with such ease. It is amazing how their big black feet push through the water.

The above picture is of the male. The water was really like that. I did very little clean up of this picture in photoshop except to add it to a frame. The shadows in the water are of some trees on the pond bank.


purplepaint said...

What a beautiful photo!

Scrappy Cat said...

Great photo! We have ducks and geese on our ponds, but no swans. I'd love to have swans, but I do enjoy the other birds too.