Monday, January 12, 2009

Lost and Found

The prompt for these journal pages was Lost and Found. We were to collect some of the paper we use, receive over a day or so. Then use it in our prompt. I used a stamp, a flyer from my local coffee and bagel shop, and some fortunes from lunch. This was a look deep exercise.


sandee said...

WoW! This is superb!!! Which group did you do this for? It looks like they have FANTASTIC prompts!!!

Scrappy Cat said...

Love your pages - I love the way you've done your writing. This is the soul journal group, right? I didn't stay in the group - I may have to think about rejoining some time - there just isn't time enough for everything I want to do (especially when I spend half the day on the computer!).

trish said...

love your journal pages!