Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg To Do's

This is the season of eggs. I have a small egg collection. Mostly ostrich eggs, and other bird eggs, some decorated eggs. A Very humble collection. However, I have a friend who has an outstanding egg collection. Each year I hunt for the perfect egg to give her - that she does not have. In my quest I ran across these and thought they would be fun to share.

These are eggs by a Slovenian artist by the name of Franc Grom. He punches holes in the eggs to achieve these wondrous designs. I wonder how many he broke before he got it down pat. They are truly incredible eggs.

This gentleman, Volker Kraft, from Saalfeld, in eastern Germany, has been decorating this tree every year with his wife for forty years. I want to tell his wife, Christa, he is a keeper. The tree is magnificent. I am hoping they leave those eggs on year round. What fun the children must have who live nearby. There are over 9,000 eggs on the tree.


The French Bear said...

Wow, I do Ukrainian eggs and I thought they were hard!!! That's incredible, you are so right, wonder how many he breaks!!! Just beautiful though, like lace.
Margaret B

Patti said...

Oh my! How wondrous, I'd love to see it in person - thanks for sharing.
p.s. I posted my door photo today and included a link to your blog:)

Kathy said...

What a wonderful Easter post!! Mr. Kraft's eggs are amazing!! Just beautiful. And the photo of that lovely tree covered with all those beautiful eggs..well, it just brought joy to my heart!! Thank you for sharing this!

BT said...

Oh how fantastic. That tree is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. What a brilliant and satisfying thing to do.