Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Walk in the Park...

A furry little caterpillar that gave us shrieks of delight.

Beautiful Azalea's that were in full bloom. They were emitting a perfume that made the park smell like cotton candy at the fair.

Snow ball Hydrangea's that were so old they looked like trees. They were like walking in a fairy land. They reached up to the sky with their flowery pom poms.


Sharon said...

Hi Elizabeth
These are so beautiful and lush.

How did you get the black line around the edge, it kind of looks like poloroid film residue.

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Kathy said... I right in understanding you took these beautiful photographs? are a gifted photographer! They are absolutely gorgeous! The azalea photo is just a work of art!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Really inspiring!